Ballers, Crab Walkers, Burping Egyptians, Ass-Painters, Half-Pipers, and Everyone’s Favorite RobotMan3


Last night was great! This morning was amazing! Giant thanks to all that came out to Landry’s last night to our #GrassrootsGear+ Launch Party to get the first look at our first ever line of t-shirts. The link to November Project online shop should be live so feel free to share with your friends, family, neighbors, professors, and of course your parole officer…The World takeover continues. We wouldn’t be able to pull last night’s event without our boy Mark Vautour, friends from Harpoon, Ninety+ Cellars, and Food Should Taste Good, our awesome volunteers that helped the event run as smooth as Brian Axelrod, and of course our current and soon to be wives for showing their unconditional love and support for everything that we do.

It was great to see most of the squad from last night make it to the workout this morning and crush what it felt like 1 million stairs of RobotMan3. It’s been a while since we ran the full length of the section (31 steps) and I definitely felt every single one of them. The bubble is down, which means the spring is not too far behind, but let’t not get too cocky about it, we might jinx it. Happy Wednesday!



November Project welcomed the rain this morning because it was accompanied by 40 degrees of Fahrenheit.
We had 6 Newbs and countless stairs (80 stairs).
We had two generations of Massie and we spray painted an ass.
You can bear crawl down 80 wet stairs, we did.
Bell laps marked our intervals and Monsta Jamz set the pace.
We love each other, and each moment.

Friends brought. The tribe is NOT lonely. MKE OUT.



We got out to McKinley Park in Sacramento this morning and saw some familiar faces of the tribe, as well as welcomed a couple new faces. Co-leaders Haley and Chris arrived early to welcome the group, while Co-Leader Stephanie came sprinting in just before 6:31AM. Apparently there are various time zones in Sacramento.

After we gave our high-fives, handshakes and hugs at the start of the workout, Haley instructed the group of today’s workout. Today’s workout involved a 2 mile warm-up run, then proceeded into some partner workouts. While one partner was popping a (wall) squat against a tree the other was doing bear crawls, lunges and crab walks. Don’t worry no actual animals were used in today’s workouts, however those that did do the workouts were beast! After the partner exercises the group finished with a 1 mile run.

The tribe is slowly growing, though we might not be as big as some of the other tribes around, we can still kick the shit out of a workout with the best of them.

Not in photo: Derrick, Rich, Rachelle, Ken (all had to leave by 7:00AM due to work) and Co-Leader Chris (took photo)



Once again the tribe awoke to the unique city we call “the City of Angeles”. Newbies, Germans, new friends and old friends gathered outside the bowl. We circle bounced our way to a bit of perspiration and discovered that our favorite underground tunnel was locked but that did not stop us from going apeshit for the rest of the workout. Today we did a little work out that we like to call the “Burpee Pyramid”. The Burpee Pyramid consist of a 5,10,15,10,5 Burpee configuration with stair sections in between for 35 minutes. Walk(scratch that) RUN like an Egyptian. People pushed each other up the steps and motivated even the most elite of the burpee masters. Completed, we ran a mad dash to the top of the bowl. The tribe is Fresh!



We started off the morning welcoming 45 hardcore souls (20 newbies) which is our all-time high–the tribe is growing stronger, soon to be Super Shredder strong. In the spirit of March Madness our family showed up sporting their favorite college/team gear. Our tribe was rocking Boston College, Boston University, Middlebury, St. John’s, Team Red, White, & Blue, Texas A&M, Colgate, UNC, Villanova, Virginia Tech, and more.

Workout comprised of two 15-minute sessions around Charles Schurz Park. The first 15 mins of a figure-eight course with alternating dips and step-up stations at the intersection was where we rocked the NP DC Spotify playlist (still listening to it now). Took a 1-2 minute rest, basically just all listened to Naughty By Nature. Then back on the grind with 15 mins of the figure-eight course (in reverse) with alternating push ups and dancing stations at the intersection. One of our newbies taught us all how to dougie.

Our group shot was March Madness-themed. But you know this, BALLIN.


Today we began the morning with our typical warm up around the mall area at the U of M. The first lap was an easy jog and the second lap brought back the less offensive “Yeti” runs that us Minnesotans take pride in. We then went back by the river to the “half-pipe” and ran a slow-burn workout up and down one side of the “half-pipe” hill. At the end of each up and down we did a set of jumping jacks followed by a set of squat jumps followed by another set of jumping jacks. I think all members of this morning’s crew were able to get 4 reps in. Way to go MSP!

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