It was lit.

I still have yet to go to a November Project workout that I wasn’t glad I went to. Sure, there are days that I wake up and think to myself–

“Oh, F this. WHAT TIME IS IT?! There’s no WAY I’m doing that.”

and sure, sometimes that thought gets the better of me. For the most part what I do is I get dressed, lace up, and make my way to the workout.

To this day, there has never been a workout that I regretted attending.

There’s still never been a workout that I said: “I actually wish I hadn’t gone this morning.”

It’s one of those strange things. No matter how daunting or stupid it feels to get out of bed at 5:30 (or even 4:30am), I’m always glad I made the decision I did when I get out of bed and get my ass to NP.

Now, most days are fun, I see people I know, I meet people I don’t, sometimes I see people that haven’t been in forever, or moved away for awhile and are back for the madness.

And some days are hard, and while mid-workout I think of all the excuses I could use to get out of finishing Section 4 for what feels like the billionth time–or I’ve done 5 minutes of burpees and there’s still 2 minutes left, I still keep showing up.

And every.



I’m glad I did.

Then there are some days—some days where I couldn’t even imagine a world where showing up wasn’t a possibility.

This morning was one of those days.

From the moment I got to the hill, I knew it was going to be different. We had cats from Philly Brooklyn, Philly Newport, Providence, Edmonton Winnipeg, and San Francisco Boston. There were people I hadn’t seen in forever, and people that I see at least 3x/week. The workout was fire. A fun combination of team work and hard work followed by a burnout and a birthday race that turned out to not be a race at all.

It was November Project at its finest. There were dumb jokes, dumber jokes, and you guessed it–even dumber jokes–just ask Sogoloff, Max, and Susan. It’s how these summer workouts are going to be all summer long, and I’m a little too excited.

Like, seriously.

There are some days at November Project that I leave and I’m glad I went. But this morning I almost called up The Lonely Island to see if they’ll do a different rendition of this, but just “I just did NP… and it felt so good.”

Anyway, I’m gonna go enjoy my Friday night, and you should too. Enjoy yourselves over the weekend. If you’re racing, race hard. If you’re dancing, dance hard. We’ll see you Monday.

Much Love,
– C. Payne


  • Monday locaysh: Allston Library, in Allston. Look it up on a map.
  • June 9th and 10th: The North Face Endurance Challenge. SIGN UP FOR A RACE THIS SUMMER
  • 6/23: Leave it open. If you’ve read this far you’re clearly worthy and need NEED TO BE THERE and need to know about this day/event/epic. More deets to come. Just make sure you don’t schedule a visit home to mom and dad’s that weekend.
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