Grateful (YOW)

Today we bounced for Mondays. We bounced together with our community- some regular NPers and some newbies who stepped out of their comfort zone this morning and took in this weird thing we call November Project. We bounced to be grateful for our bodies, our ability to move, our ability to connect with others through movement. We yelled Monday in order to remember next Monday when we are in our work spaces, to be grateful for every day. Seeing everyone showing up to the centennial flame, our old stomping ground, on a holiday Monday, those who pushed through the urge to stay in their cozies beds. Thank you for making it worth it, to start your day with a smile and passing it (/a spatula) on to others. We are grateful for you.

We are grateful for this beautiful sunny spring day. We hope you enjoyed the start of your day outside moving as much as we did.

Here’s to bringing “soles” together. See you on Wednesday at Lansdowne, 6:29am.

Liz and Lauren


1. CHEER STATION, your reading it here! Ottawa Race Weekend if your not racing come join the party. Cheer      party that is.  Saturday, May 26 | 5K & 10K we will be posted at Pretoria Bridge from 4pm onwards.  Sunday, May 27 | half & full we will be posted up around the 18K/39K mark along Colonel By. Right around where Concord and Echo meet from 8:30am onwards.

2. We went for breakfast- this was supposed to be an announcement post work. It will happen again, so don’t worry if you missed it. Everyone is always invited.

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