Final #destiMAYtiondeck: Sardines

Today was awesome!  Bright sunshine, fierce & fun workout, and lots of super great human beings.  It really doesn’t get better than this.  #destiMAYtiondeck is going well, and we have one more Monday in May to show up for.

Last year, on Memorial Day Monday, we played an incredible city-searching game of Sardines.  It changed #DestinationDecks forever, because instead of telling you all where to go for us to meet there and do a workout, we didn’t tell you where to go and still expected you to find the workout.  We gave an initial perimeter that we promised the workout would be inside of, and we gave some clues along the way, but it was up to you–as savvy runners in Boston, and as a strong tribe who would pair up, group up, and form larger and larger blobs of runners who would search out and find where we were hiding.

So be forewarned get freaking excited.  Sardines 2.0 is on.  One week from today.

Sardines: If you never played this as a kid, it’s like reverse Hide-n-Seek.  One person hides to start the game and everyone else searches around until they find the person.  When you find them, you don’t announce it…you just HIDE WITH THEM until everyone else finds you.  The fun of the game is the search!

We’re taking this to the scale of the city with the “recess for adults” flavor that only NP can offer.

Disclaimer: If the idea of this freaks you out or makes you anxious, either find a buddy to plan and search with, or just take the day as a holiday not only from work, but from NP too.  This is intended to be super fucking fun, not a bucket of stress.  If it’s not exciting, an adventure, and exactly how you want to start your holiday Monday, you don’t have to do it.  If you’re as amped about this as we are, here’s the run down:


  • Start recruiting your running partners and teams.  Hype the game and the workout–because it’s for everyone. Plan how you’ll get around–you can walk, run, or ride bikes, but fitness must be had as you search for the workout location.
  • Be sure you follow NP Boston on Facebook (November Project Boston), Instagram (@novemberprojectbos), and Twitter (@Nov_Project_BOS.  ALL CLUES AND INFO WILL BE POSTED ON INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER.
  • On Friday (May 25th): we will give you a map with a circle 1.5 miles across–the location for Monday is definitely inside that circle.  We will also provide more details about Monday and all the rules of the game in the blog on Friday.  Be sure to read that.
  • Over the weekend, plan, scout, strategize, team up and get ready for Monday.
  • Get costumes!?  NP flair displayed as you run around the city will definitely be rewarded.


  • We will give you a series of clues and information to help you find the deck, with more obvious clues arriving as the end of the workout time nears.
  • If you make it to the workout, you’ll get into the group photo.  If you don’t find us, you’ll have to take your own group photo/selfie and post it on social media (#FindingDestinationDeck) so we know you were out there looking.


  • Sign up! There’s still time to sign up to race at the #ECSMA trail race at Mt. Wachusett on June 9-10.  LOOK HERE for more info and get the 20% discount code when you register.
  • There will be a “trail newbie” info session if you want to learn more about trail running.  Everyone is welcome and all running experience levels will be included.
    • Thursday, May 24 at 6:30pm.  You can join The North Face Boston Trail Tribe leader, Sam Masters on a simple trail run in the Middlesex Fells, where he’ll help introduce you to trails, trail running, and help answer questions you have.  Event info here.
    • AND next week (exact date TBD) we will host a conversation/info session with Sam and you to learn more about trail running and to answer every single question you have about running trails.
  • NP Social event: save the date: June 23.  More deeeeeetials coming soon.

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