Leaving It All on the Road (YEG)

The Sunrise 6k never fails to amaze me. I’m sure we sound like a broken record when saying this, but seriously. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. There are so many people who have never run 6k before. There are people who run 6k almost everyday. But the great thing about the Sunrise 6k, is that every single person works their ass off. For those that missed it, the fastest person won by about 1 second. It was the closest finish we’ve ever had at the Sunrise 6k. I saw the faces of people who left everything on the road and then had a giant grin on their face after. I people so exhausted they could barely function when they came to the finish line. I saw people who did everything they could to be part of the energy of the Sunrise 6k. I saw numerous children run 6k! Now, when I was their age, there was no way I’d ever run 6k. I didn’t even knew what a kilometre was. In fact, I’m fairly certain I wasn’t even able to count to 6. I saw people wait until the very end to cheer on every runner, and every cyclist that came by. I always seem to forget how awesome the Sunrise 6k is.

Bounce Contest: We extended the deadline and you can send us your videos today as well.

Yearbook Photos: June 27

Old 96er dates: July 4 and August 29.

Also, here’s my shameless plug for watching the November Project (@novemberproject) instagram account on Thursday and Friday as I take it over and share our beautiful city with the world. Feel free to send me any thoughts on what you want me to share (There’s a good chance I won’t use any of them).

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