So what about the bounce? (YOW)

Alright so we are heading into a homerun of a weekend here in Ottawa. That’s right the one and only Ottawa Race Weekend is upon us. If you’re not racing join the cheer party. PS. don’t forget to wear your #grassrootsgear

So here is a quick breakdown of what you can expect for the weekend:

10:00 AM Saturday Shakeout run: Meeting spot is the Centennial Flame

4:00 PM Saturday Cheer Station  for the 5k|10k : Pretoria Bridge 

8:00AM Sunday Cheer Station for the half|full: Echo Drive and Colonel By 

Do you remember Monday morning? Of course you do because it was only two days ago.  Some of you met us on the hill to run with spatulas and compete 500 jumping jacks or what felt like it.  Some of you may have not known about November Project till yesterday and some of you may have opted to hit snooze, planned a weekend getaway or missed our 12 facebook posts about the holiday pop up event.  It’s always surprising to see so many new faces and then to see those new faces the next week or in this weeks case again on Wednesday, that’s a first for us. So, the question remains was the second bounce better than the first because you knew what to expect? Or was it better because people were more amped and hyped up for it?

You may think the bounce is just a way we encourage the whole human contact thing but really it’s about bringing everyone together. It’s about setting the tone for the next 31 minutes. Making it clear that you showed up for a reason and everyone around you is full on committed for the next 31 minutes.  Sometimes, I think about the bounce being similar to race or game prep talk you would have with your coach. The kind of talk that makes you want to leave all your being on the field, court or track and know that someone can come carry you off once it’s all over. Seriously, that’s how important the bounce is.  SETTING THE TONE. So do you find yourself avoiding touching shoulders with the person beside you? Do you think the whole bounce thing is overrated? Are you always on the outside of the circle? Well here are a couple pointers.

For starters, bounce higher. Not even kidding you’ll see more people.  

Get LOUD. The person beside you will forgive you or they won’t stand next to you next time.

Get tight. No one is sweaty yet, unless they have ran to the workout in that case they may be but get close.  When else in your week are you going to have the chance to literally rub shoulders with teachers, nurses, physiotherapists, coaches or your parents? Probably not until next Wednesday, so live in the moment.  

FYI this is all preparation for this upcoming weekend and the clusters of people that you might be in the coral with pre race, soak it up and embrace it.  

Thank you for sharing your morning with us. Race smart, fast, cheer hard and HAVE FUN this weekend.  

See all your dazzling faces along the course, at the Great Glebe garage sale or at the cheer station.

Also, great job on the deck this morning- so many burpees. You rocked them and did a great job running fire drills around the the tulips… most of the time.

Here’s to bringing soles together,
Lauren and Liz


  1. See cheer station locations above
  2. Buffs are $5, talk to Liz and Lauren
  3. Read a blog from another city today- you’ll see some cool things going on in this wonderful world
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