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Today’s words are brought to you by Jeff. 

Anyone that’s ever watched an NFL game has seen at least one play fall apart so badly that it makes professionals look like they’re back in the pee-wees. You know that play looked great on paper when the coaches drew it up, but when you throw twenty-two men on the field you never know how things are going to play out.

That’s how I felt leading up to this morning. Max and I came up with a workout. We ran it by Jesse and Kait and everyone liked the idea, but when you throw fifty or so people in the B-Lot all you can wonder is if this actually going to work?
Even when we showed up with a box of Crayola Chalk at 5:15 this morning I still had my doubts deep down. We wondered which way to draw certain arrows, tried to figure out why the hell there was a random dude washing his car in the parking lot at 5:30, and worried if some security guard would come and chase us all away. It really makes you appreciate everything that Kait and Jesse and all the leaders that came before them put into this tribe. It’s a lot of work to come up with these ideas and execute them week after week.
But then Max kicked it off with the bounce and we got to meet a bunch of friends from other tribes and then you guys totally crushed the workout! Even despite my drawing one of the hopscotch paths completely wrong, you guys still made it work.
We’re all smart people, any of us can go outside and do a workout alone, but how often would we? It was all the energy that I saw everyone bringing to the tribe this morning that reminded me why I wake up at an ungodly hour multiple times a week. Working out with all of you, getting all the high-fives and all the fuck yeahs, has made working out something that I don’t dread doing anymore. And having so many of you come up and tell us how we kicked your butts this morning totally made my day.
Other things to know:

#BotB finishes up next Friday, May 25th as Nikki and Elliott take us to the California Incline.  Per Nikki, breakfast club at Philz. #ellikki #avocadotoast #basic #justshowup #recruiteveryone

NP SUMMIT SUMMIT SUMMIT – September 15th-16th in Wisconsin. CHEESE.  This is a great time to meet other NP folks and you can run a solo race, relay race, relay with anothre tribe, etc. etc.  Check out this handy dandy Google Excel Doc for more logistics.  OH and to save $$, register right here! and use code “NP20” for 20% off.

Better than Bedtime – IT’S COMING BACK!  Sunday June 10th.  Flyers and Facebook event (no, not paperless post) will be coming soon.

Fun Fact:

Do good, LA!
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