It is Never Too Early – PHL

So, you might have heard that the Superbowl is this Sunday, which means a good bunch of folks will spend the day sitting in front of a TV stuffing some food and drink in our faces. It’s a universal cheat day!!
We here at NP PHL know it’s never too early to get a jump on burning those extra calories one may consume – so we decided to run – and burpee – and jump our way through the first 25 minutes of today’s workout.
After that, we set up for a 15 minute burnout. Boys in one crew, girls in the other, each group running a series of familiar football drills – high knees, side shuffles and suicide sprints.

It was a strong workout and we are glad you all showed up. Thanks for being you, and for being weatherproof!

See you again Friday up on Lemon Hill!


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