Family day— something we do in Canada

This week I don’t talk. I let Mel G do the talking for us. My face hole was not making good words this morning. I decided to let someone else try.

~Mr. November



I’m going to do a little something different today – get a little “semi-mental” with y’all…

Family Day is coming up this Monday and a lot of us are going to use this holiday to spend it doing stuff with, hopefully, FAMILY. I’m sure there are a few of us here, like me, who don’t have family in Vancouver. I have always said “friends are the family we get to pick”.

I started with NP July 1 and I have been going strong for 7 months – missing one day, but was remembered when I returned with a resounding “YOU’RE BACK!!” Since joining this tribe, I now have several new sisters and brothers who I wouldn’t trade for the world. We have an amazing tribe. An inspiring, motivating, caring group of people who push each other, who wonder why they didn’t make it and who hug like they haven’t seen you in years.

I won’t be here next week – I’ll be in NYC!!! What’s amazing, is that I get to see our “family” when I’m there. But make no mistake, I will bring the NPYVR vibe with me – LOUD AND PROUD – and show our Eastern cousins what we’re all about. ROAR!!


Now, to the task at hand:

“Is today Thursday?” – Richard Hortness
“So, there’s a lot of hugging” “I see that”
Collin is back!”
“Who remembers how we wake up the sun…?”
“Where’s Karra Barron?” “Here…” “Karra asked ‘when are we going to do the throw up workout?'”
“This is the Kansas City – or the Dorothy – Burpee and then click your heals three times…” “Ugh, there IS no place like home…”
“I like that dance you just did – do it again!”
“CAR!” *car passes* “GAME ON!”
“Pretty sure this is poop on my hand”
“You’re diirrrrty, Carla
“How was the workout for you?” “Good! I really could have puked” “That means you did it right”
“Get in, nice and tight”



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