Go. Play. (DCA)

There’s a lot one can say about November Project. Some is true. Some is false. Some is all of the above. Some is none of the above. All can be revealed if you #JustShowUp. For example:

  1. Everyone at NP is SUPER fit…FALSE. I’ll be the first to admit it. I can’t do a lot of pushups. I can’t hold plank the longest. Does that stop me from coming? No. Actually, it just motivates me to work harder. November Project members range in ALL ages and ALL types of fitness. Whether you’re a 62 year old with 20 marathons under your belt or a 23 year old that’s never really worked out (besides when they forced you in gym class), you WILL fit in.
  2. Everyone at NP is SUPER happy…TRUE. WHY? Because we realize the function that this group serves. Sure, we’re getting fit and working on our blizzard bods. But knowing that people will be excited to see me (even if they don’t know me) and that we’re going to have guaranteed fun for an hour, three times a week gets me out of bed. And when I show up, it’s with a smile, because I’m lucky to have those type of people in my life…which leads me to my point:

This group is a tribe. A team. A community. A crew. GW men’s rowing demonstrated some of what that means on Monday. If you weren’t there, you missed loud cheering, meeting new people, and Ross becoming popular. Whatever you want to call this thing you’re a part of (or will be part of), it doesn’t continue to function or grow if we all show up, say hi, and then stick our headphones in while we bowl sexily together. Keep breaking out of your shell. Maybe you meet one person a week, remember their name. Cheer them on for the rest of the workout. Try it. You’ll see some incredible things start to happen in your life. Break the mold. Be a shooting star. Hey now. Be an all-star. Get your game on. Go. Play.

What just happened? Don’t know. Blacked out. What matters is that we’ll see you FRIDAY at the location on the tracker. 6:28AM. DON’T BE LATE.


BIRTHDAYS: Haven’t memorized them. Wanna embarrass celebrate your friend on their birthday? Let us know beforehand.

BAGS: Not allowed on Wednesdays (unless you want to partake in the trekker’s workout). It’s a security issue. Plan ahead on Tuesdays.

MICHELLE OBAMA: Still leaving her a spot in the group photo and trying to get her to #JustShowUp. Keep at it. Tweets. Instagrams. Facebook. Face to face. Etc.

FRIDAY: See above.


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