Is NP good for you?

  Here’s a serious question: Is NP good for you?  I don’t mean in general, to the “everyone” you out there.  I mean to YOU, you who are reading this.  Individually.  Is NP good for you?

I think I might know the answer for most of you who bother to read the blog.  But let me explain why I ask.  I had a conversation with an oldie-and-goodie NP member who hasn’t been around quite so much lately…as happens quite often in the natural ebbs and flows of life and balance and NP attendance.  She showed up with a desire to take part in and possibly give back to the whole NP thing that has been so good for her.  She described knowing that even when she’s not showing up, she feels connected and she knows the bigger NP tribe (and the awesome tribe right here in Boston) are a source of motivation for her.  She knows NP is good for her, and for her other friends who also have some LIFE happening and aren’t always as regular anymore even when they really want to be.

So ask yourself, is NP good for you?  Does it help you get out of bed on any day of the week to move your body in fitness for fun?  Does it give you badass role models to chase after? And fierce as fuck fasties who chase you down and keep you on your toes?  Does it give you something that nothing else in your life gives you?  Do you like it?  Do you have fun while you’re working out, even when the shit we tell you to do sucks and is hard?  Do you try harder, do more, and show more of your weird? And if you’re someone who, like my friend this morning, realizes that NP isn’t as current in your life as you’d like, ask yourself if NP has ever been good for you.

Then do this.  Consider it homework.  Go have a conversation TODAY with someone who you have never talked to about NP before.  This is a critical element of the assignment.  Don’t hit up the same old people who either already go, or who are ready to roll their eyes about it before you even open your mouth.  Make a new friend, pick a stranger, or get the courage to start the conversation with someone who doesn’t know that side of you.  And then…pay close attention here…don’t try to recruit them.  Simply tell them why NP is so good for you.

Tell them genuinely and clearly why you choose to show up and what’s good about your life when you go to NP.  Don’t try to make your reasons be their reasons to show up…just have the conversation.  AND THEN find out what’s good in their life.  Maybe they want NP to be good for them too.  Maybe they’ve got a lot of other stuff to share about and you need to hear about it!  But this community of fitness and fun and weird and fierceness needs to be bigger than the tribe of us who show up at Harvard on Wednesday mornings or Summit Ave on Fridays… (and it definitely needs to be bigger than the crew who find their way to Destination Deck on Mondays).  Let’s bring Boston into the tribe, but not by forcing them in…by reaching out.

Ready? Go!

Keep changing the world.

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