#IndianaJunes + Spice

We all know what  you get when you celebrate June with all-month #IndianaJones. Well that’s just #IndianaJunes.  But what happens when you decide to spice things up and add a dash of flavor to those small-group runs up and down Summit Ave?  This morning happens.

We added some cross country spice to our #IndianaJones by sending each group down the grassy hill and challenging the group race each other up the hill.  The teamwork and camaraderie was off the chain, and I don’t think I’ve seen some of our tribe members ever run so fast, work so hard, or be so social during hills.  It was kind of a win-win-win situation, regarding some of the pillars of NP.

But my favorite part of the morning, by far, was just before the group photo, when we asked how many people had been at hills for all three weeks of #IJ so far.  It wasn’t just one or two–it was a huge group of people who are getting fitter, faster, and crushing hills week after week.  I’m not kidding when I say that June is changing people.  The level of intensity is rising.  The fierceness of the fitness is escalating.  And the tribe is getting stronger.  How many will join the league of Indiana Jones himself, by showing up for every Friday of #IndianaJunes?  Only time will tell.

WE CAN TELL YOU ABOUT MONDAY and other important things THOUGH…

Destination Deck Monday

is on the grassy lawn next to the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) on Fan Pier. Google map HERE.

Wednesday is Yearbook Photo Day:

June 20th, 5:30 and 6:30am we will be taking yearbook photos* during the stadium workout.  The theme is “frogs.” yup…frogs.  Get after it.


HEY FRIENDS.  WHEN WE PARK AT HARVARD, WE ARE GUESTS IN A PLACE THAT IS NOT OUR OWN.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be kind and respectful guests. Here are some helpful steps to guide you:

1. Park only in designated metered spots or in a lot that you have a permit** to park in.  If you don’t they are allowed to ticket or tow your car.

2. Pay the meter each time you park there.  If you display an old meter receipt on your dash–but not a new one,*** they are allowed to ticket or tow your car.

3. Park somewhere else so you don’t have to pay Harvard’s meter and they are not allowed to tow your car.  (Or get there some other way like biking or running!)

Thanks for being kind and respectful human beings.  We like you and we want everyone to keep showing up–not get caught up in the silly parking bullshit.  We know what to do–please help us by doing it!

See you Monday, have a GREAT weekend!

*Yearbook photos are individual photos of each and every member of the tribe so we can all see each other’s faces and names for reference and memorization.  You know how you “know” tons of people but don’t know their names?  Or you think you know Katie but her name might be Kari or Kathy or freaking Moana but you’re just not completely sure enough to call her anything?  Well Yearbook photos to the rescue.  We post the whole album of photos on Facebook and you learn everyone’s names & faces.  It’s the best.  So show up and make sure EVERYONE else does too!

**Go to the Harvard Parking portal to purchase a monthly $10 permit to park between 4-8am in the Webster Lot (this is the gated area of the parking lot at the south end (closest to section 19) of the stadium.  You’ll need to register and create a simple account and select the November Project permit option, then print out your permit each month.  This is WAY easier than paying at the meter each week.

***We know some people are doing this because Harvard told us–they are paying attention and they care how we park!!

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