Just Keep Being You (CHI)

Chris, Imma let you finish, but first..

Seriously, expect another blog post later this weekend, but I am exploding with pride for this group and need to give you a virtual blog hug.

The greatest gift anyone in this world can give is love. This morning, the tribe took all of the love that Chris gives us on a daily basis and threw it out there. You showed everyone exactly what November Project is all about.

Tribe members showed up who we hadn’t seen in far too long. Tribe members who moved flew in from Houston. My brother and his girlfriend showed up from Boston. You brought SEVENTEEN NEWBIES. CHRIS’ MOM SHOWED UP.

But you didn’t just show up. You worked so hard. Sprints were fast. Alligator push ups were fierce. Broad jump burpees were broad and burpee-y. Sweat dripped from your noses, your toeses, your flowses. You high-fived and cheered for each other with enthusiasm.

The work you all put in to make Chris feel special on his birthday was out of this world. My friend Delphine, who showed up for the first time, turned to me after the workout and just said, “I get it now.” You can’t explain to people who have never showed up to NP just how special it is, but today you all demonstrated it to the ultimate degree.

NP is about love. It’s about hard workouts. It’s about fun workouts. But it’s mostly about a community that loves each other super hard. All anyone wants is to be loved, and you all know exactly how to do it. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU TODAY. It was everything.

love, Dani

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