Indiana Junes: Week 1 (BOS 6.7.19)

Da da-da daaaa, da da-daaaa, da da-da daaaaaa, da da-da da da.

Da da-da daaaa, da da-DAAAAAA. Da da-DA-da, da-DA-da, da-DAAAAA…


Indiana Jones ran into Boston this morning and it was the first of the entire month of running the Indiana Jones workout…to make #IndianaJunes everything amazing that it really is. Capozzi couldn’t be more excited, nor could everyone at NP_BOS, because while this workout, and therefore this month of Fridays is absolutely hard and super challenging to run, it’s also the MOST AMAZING month of Fridays. It will challenge you to be better, and everyone who was there this morning is already grateful to have been there, and looking forward to next week.

Anyone who attends all 4 weeks of #IndianaJunes earns themselves a special patch that is worth all the bragging rights!! #JustShowUp for all the other weeks, and get in on the good stuff.

Also, some people are really just excited about this. Like Bryan Gould.

upcoming cool stuff:

On Saturday, June 22nd, November Project Boston is racing a 26×1 relay against twenty other local running club teams, hosted by the Somerville Road Runners at Hormel Stadium in Medford:
Each person on the team runs a single mile, as fast as they can, and as a team this adds up to a whole marathon!

If you’re ready to #RaceEverything and run your fastest mile, please join the team! Even if there are more than 26 people registered when you sign up, that’s okay – STILL SIGN UP. We’ll include as many NP Boston regulars as possible on the final team, and do our best to make sure everyone has a fun fast time. But it’ll be a downer if we can’t field a complete team, so please make sure you’ll be able to attend before signing up.

Joev is not only the captain and is coordinating the NP team, he also fronted the team registration fee, so if you end up running, we’ll ask you to then (not yet!) pay him back $15. If this is a hardship, see us (Emily Saul or Chris Capozzi) and we can work out other arrangements – we don’t want finances to keep anyone from racing.
To sign up, click “Join Club Relay Team” at . Don’t be alarmed by the registration fee listed there – you won’t actually have to pay anything since the team has already been created. If you’re asked for a password, it’s “AwwwYeah”. You’ll also have to put in a guess for your mile time. Do your best to make an aggressive but accurate prediction, and we can use that information to help decide what order the racers will run.
And if you don’t end up racing, we still want to see you there cheering! Let’s make it a party!

KNOCKAROUND PHOTO CONTEST / NP HOMEWORK is still going on until June 21st. READ THIS BLOG for all the details, but you could win a free trip to NP Summit 7.0 in Las Vegas (airfare, hotel) + 52 pairs of knockaround sunglasses!!!

MONDAY WORKOUT JUNE 10: at 6:29am at the Library Park in Allston. MAP here. DEfinitely show up for the best workout the city has to offer, to start your week out right!

YEARBOOK PHOTOS June 19 at the Wednesday workout in Harvard Stadium. 5:30 & 6:30am. Don’t miss it and tell all your friends!!

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