I think we’ve found it, the rainbow connection (ORL)

Red and orange, green and blue, highlighter yellow and purple, too. Those are the colors of our community spirit. Community is what this whole thing is about, connecting with and supporting our neighbors is what we are continually trying to achieve.

NPO had a lot to celebrate as we got our sweat on at sunrise. We were ready to welcome Global Running Day with long laps and a colorful workout. I met up with Lara, Sylvia G. and Jennifer at 5:45am to add a couple of more miles toward the Brooks/Strava Run it Forward challenge that ended Wednesday night. For me, running is more of a social activity, and thanks to November Project, I get many opportunities to log some miles. Our workout this week was inspired by the phenomenon itself, Roy G. Biv. We Reversed lunged, Oblique crunched, Y-raised, Glute bridged, burpeed, Inchworm push-upped, and V-sat our way into tip-top physical shape! Of course, being GRD, we threw a long lap in between each exercise. That also gave each colorful character in the group a chance to head over to the photo station where they got their individual shots for the NP yearbook, 2019 edition. It was really great to see some faces that we haven’t seen in a while… Nobody wants to miss out on yearbook photo day! The colors of the rainbow really suited all skin tones present in the early hours, and the smiles enhanced your looks even more! Like Kermit once said, “rainbows are visions and only illusions and rainbows have nothing to hide.” So don’t hide, come out and join us every Wednesday morning and see what this group can offer you.


  • Tomorrow, 6/8 is the third annual CommUnity Rainbow run. A 4.9k with all proceeds benefitting The OnePulse Foundation. If you are not signed up, you can still do so online through midnight tonight for $49. Or, tomorrow morning at the run for $60. Make sure to join team November Project Orlando.
  • The next team run is the AdventHealth Watermelon 5K on July 4. Break out your red, white and blue for this festive way to kick off Independence Day!
  • Congrats to everyone who logged miles toward the Brooks/Strava #runitforward challenge!
  • Don’t forget, #NPHW- through June 21, post an epic pic of yourself in your Knockaround sunglasses on Instagram and use the hashtag #NPKnocks for a chance at winning a trip to Vegas in November for NP Summit. + 52 pairs of Knockarounds!!!😎 Check out all of the details here.
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