Indiana Jones Friday & A BIG Announcement (PHL)

The Hills were rolling this a.m. and so was the tribe. We left it all out there today – well done!

Pace groups formed and thirty minutes were put on the clock. Each group was Indiana Jones running all the way around the loop. The sun was rising as y’all were warming up and breaking that incredible Friday morning sweat!

At 7:05 we met in the grass for our second week of six minute abs – summer is coming folks – we will be wearing less… There has never been a better time for it to be GO TIME! Six minutes on the clock – 3 moves, each for a minute – then repeat the circuit. It’ll hurt tomorrow – but it will hurt so good.

Mike passed the hard hat to Sherman – We happy birthday BOOM’d 4 of our of radass tribesmembers – Took a group photo and just like that your weekend was earned.

Best to all racing the ECSDC this weekend – Best to all racing the Love Run back here in Philly! Have an awesome weekend!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Save the date – Wednesday, 4/20/2016 5:30 p.m. – deets to follow!
Yup – that is the BIG announcement 😉


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