I Choo-Choo-Choo Choose You (DEN)

Seeing as how it’s all the ratchet rage that’s on fleek these days, here come some Wisconsin Notes. But don’t worry it’s Wisconsin Notes++

  • Union Station is awesome. There’s too much there to use in one workout… Obviously that means that we need to come back. A lot. So much.
  • Those bench-ledge-things are apparently what fleek is… And y’all got on it. On fleek that is.
  • Y’all got what I need.
  • Security was suspicious of our activities. The SarMajeral watched them slowly walk across the fleek to us/seemingly walk in place for about 10 minutes. I sweet talked them… Woody showed a little extra leg… Mollzerz subtly flexed for intimidation. They backed off quickly. Then walked away in place.
  • Parkour is a contact sport. Contact with the ground. We’re glad you’re alright Kristie!
  • My new bacon and pancake cologne was notices and appreciated.
  • Union Station is awesome!

Es Are Es El Why (SRSLY) This was a fun and beautiful location. It didn’t hurt being surrounded by so many beautiful, smiling people. In my mind, it’s an iconic Denver location, so why haven’t we been here before? Why aren’t we here all the time? These are all good questions. Questions that deserve answers. Answers that I don’t know. But I do know that we WILL be back. Also Snooze… Maybe that’s the new requisite for Friday workouts. Proximity to tasty tasty breakfast. So if you have a place in your head that is “iconic Denver,” and would be great spot for breakfast a workout, please let us know. We love this city. You love this city. Let’s find more places to spread that love!

Spread the love, and leave everyone better than you found them!

WED: Civic Center Park. Be there, or be there!

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