Destination Deck: Nathan Philip Square edition


This morning we had a few firsts.

It was the first time I think all of us beat Sam to a workout , poor guy had a paper cut that set him back a little. Our fearless leader taking one for the team (hehehe sorry Sam, those little things are actually the WORST!)

It was our first official destination deck !!! Sam and I thought Nathan Philip square was a pretty fitting location for our first deck. If you are unfamiliar with the deck work out, quick synopsis is you assign a work out move for each suit. Ends up being 104 reps per move, 416 reps total !! Today we chose: squat jumps (there are no such thing as normal squats at NP-YYZ), push ups, leg raises and woodchoppers. To spice it up we split into two teams to see who could complete the deck first, red vs blue. The winner’s reward? They joined the other team to complete their deck!! So big props to team red (MY TEAM, not bragging or anything), who did some 42 + extra squat jumps this morning !!!!

Check out jane, just doing a few extra dips, way to go girl !!


And a deck work out wouldn’t be complete without a burner. And a burner decided by me isn’t complete without a plank. Burner was a giant plank ladder across the square. I don’t know how long it went for, but it felt long, and it definitely burned.


Thanks all for coming out.  You guys warm my soul!   #WEEKENDEARNED    !!!!!!!!!

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