Bring Sally Up (LAX)

Alright, here some honest to goodness, no joking, real talk right now.


I felt like shit when I woke up this morning. Tired legs, stuffy nose, aching head. It was one of those times that turning over and going right back to sleep felt like the most amazing idea on the planet. But I got up, I showed up, and I took to the Doheny Fountain.


Fast forward an hour from that moment: Post 30 minutes of speedy hill repeats (srsly you all are so fucking fast) and roughly 3.5 minutes of bringing Sally up and down (phrasing) I feel like a million bucks. Ready to take on the world. Abuzz from the energy that circled around me, especially during that burnout. Bring Sally up, baby.


I ran, I sweat, I hugged, I conquered the morning. When your tribe is behind you there’s nothing you can’t do. That’s what November Project is, among so many other things. All it takes is getting there. #weekendearned… the tribe is strong.


Do great, LA


Medals for Mettle – Donate your old race medals at Wednesday’s workout and it goes to a child fighting a debilitating disease. Learn more at their website.


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