Inappropriately Fast Homework by ALL November Project Tribes

November Project Homework is back! For those of you who were around for you’re in for even more. For those of you who are new, hold onto your butts. November Project Homework, or is simply a photo contest that showcases all of our creativity and flashing NP gear. It works like this: Post a photo for your assignment that features YOU in #GrassrootsGear doing the weird/awesome assignment (January’s theme below), post that image with “#NP_Homework” in the comment section of your photo, get tons of likes (or not), and you could win the grand prize.

A few things have changed with this new year and we need you to pay close attention:

1. You can play from anywhere as long as you have your gear. You don’t even need a tribe – You only need your official Grassroots Gear (official painted November Project shirt/jacket/whatever – If you don’t have gear yet you’ll need to borrow from a friend – Begging Co-Leaders to paint your shirt for this contest will get you sent on a boat to the middle of the ocean to be left in a small raft to fend for yourself). Bootlegged Grassroots Gear, though ambitious, does’t count and can be smelled from hundreds of miles away.
2. You must post to Instagram and Instagram only for this contest if you’d like your photo to count.
3. You must post your photo by the end of January 2015. This contest begins right now.
4. You must be featured (solo) in your photo entry – The person taking the photo doesn’t get credit.
5. You can enter as many times as you’d like.
6. You must add “#NP_Homework” to your image so that we can find you and add your photo to the other entries in the running. Tagging @novemberproject will ensure that we don’t miss your photo but is not a requirement.
7. You may not break the law or be disrespectful or harm animals in the making of your homework photo.

THE THEME FOR NOVEMBER PROJECT HOMEWORK FOR JANUARY 2015 IS “InappropriatelyFast.” What this means is that your photo is a capture of your body, in Grassroots Gear, at a full sprint (looking as fierce as possible), in an environment that is inappropriate for your kind of speed. Just think of places where you’ve never seen anyone at a full sprint, imagine the photo, and head out and create it. Please don’t get hurt or break anything/anyone. All photos will be collected by the end of January and the Co-Leaders will all vote on the best overall image. Your homework will be judged on creativity, levels of intensity, humor, and the stark contrast of athlete to environment. Remember, this is “Inappropriately Fast” Homework.

THE PRIZE: A full outfit (jacket, shoes, vest, shirt, and sleeping bag) from our favorite weatherproof brand… you’ll fucking love it.


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