Audible (IND)

Today #NP_IND called an audible. Not because if the temperatures, which by the way, WERE NOT THAT bad! Ahem, all you tribe members who wouldn’t verbal cause it was “too cold”…let it be known, the Verbal Harvester will get you. You will become #WeatherProof. It’s easy, really. The concept is 33% mental, 33% winter wardrobe and 33% accountability: bombass tribe members who show up, smiling, hugging, ready to kill the workout, while cheering for you and high-fiving you. Then you get to brag about how tough you are. And then have eggs for second meal. Sounds better than hibernating or the dreadmill, right?

Why the audible? The audible was called because our beloved War Memorial was covered in snow and ice rendering it unsafe. We relocated to a 12 story parking garage, while dodging cars, more ice and making friends with security, the tribe partook in obligatory #StairsForBreakfast as well as everyone’s favorite: burpees (yay!), in addition to wall sits (this is rest, right?) and tricep dips (welcome to the gun show!). Major props to every tribe member who chose to rise and grind, to just show up and to be weatherproof, in sickness and in health!  #EskimoKisses.

In other news:

Ed won the #RaceDay #WinnersCape with a negative spilt of 1:30 last week, #FuckYeah.

Kim G won the #PositivityAward (again) for being the loudest cheerleader today and so dang positive.


Bop To The Top is NEXT WEEKEND! Get yo’self or yo’team registered and get to training. There will be a #BTTT tagging party next Wednesday evening at Ed and Jessie’s. Time TBD, stay tuned. If you cannot attend, get your white tshirt/tank top to me or Jessie so we can tag it and thus you will be properly outfitted in #NP_IND #BTTT #GrassrootsGear.

Lastly, in 2015 the #NP_IND leadership will be fully enforcing the #Verbal, the occasional and unfortunate breakage of said #Verbal by tribe member and the subsequent ‘We Missed You’ blog post. Stay tuned.


Indiana War Memorial 5:28/6:15am SOUTH Stairs


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