Badges Earned! (YEG)

So much went down this morning in Edmonton!…& not only the temperature!

I think there were groans heard throughout Edmonton and the surrounding areas for those who checked the weather when their alarms went off at 5AM…-29 with windchill!! The crazy thing about such a reaction to the temperature reading is that the groans from NPCanada tribies were ones of disappointment! Luckily for us our faces didn’t freeze in those frowning positions because by the time we started Mother Nature gifted us with -33 temperatures! That’s -27.4 F for our American tribies. That’s also badge-earning weather! Congratulations to the 40 tribies who joined the -30 club! (that even includes one newbie!!!)

This morning also had a war with more hugs than any war in history! Thank to Nadim for an amazing bridge war workout to kick off January Bridge Month! After the bounce & a resounding “Good morning” in the middle of the bridge, tribe members paired off, hugged, agreed upon an exercise, then ran to opposite ends of the bridge, did 10 reps of said exercise and raced back to push their opponent away from the middle line. This continued for 30 chilly minutes…frosty snotscicle faces were on display for the group pic and awarding of the -30 badges.

Well done Edmonton…we are #WEATHERPROOF

See you all Wednesday at the Royal Glenora Stairs! 6AM we bounce…drop your verbal here!


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