In defence of autumn [MTL]

The weather is getting cooler, and I don’t need to remind you that the days are getting darker (literally, not literarily). I find myself stating the obvious each day, and it’s stealing my joy of the wonder that is fall time, people! It’s majestic, and it’s beautiful, and I’m going to convince you to embrace this and all that is to come! Because there are no bad months, and no bad seasons (and while I respect your right to have preferences and your individual opinion) – Autumn is awesome and here’s a list to prove it.

Very impressive and convincing list in defence of autumn:

  • Let’s start with the word Autumn. It’s fun to sit, it’s fun to spell, and if you don’t have time for the extra syllable, you can just say “fall” and we know you mean autumn.
  • Soup becomes an exciting culinary endeavour.
  • Autumnal colours. They’re fleeting and constantly in transition… take in the leaves before they’re gone, people. They won’t be back until April!
  • Flavoured hot beverages. Don’t like pumpkin spice? Well, there’s salted caramel, and smoky toffee, and chocolate, oh gosh, chocolate just tastes better in the fall.
  • Ugg boots, duck boots, hiking boots, ALL THE BOOTS!
  • Indoor activities. All of a sudden staying in on a Sunday to read a book is cute and hip. In the summer, it doesn’t make sense to put on my reading socks, make a mug of tea and sequester myself in relative solitude… but guess what? Autumn is here for you.
  • Some places don’t get this season. It’s kind of a special thing for us up here. Places like California will never know anything but sunshine… suckers.
  • Apple EVERYTHING!!!
  • Bust out your scarves + tuques, your mittens + socks – it’s time to layer up. Don’t miss this moment to dress for the crisp winds of autumn that will leave you stripping in a panic the moment you step into a heated building. Now’s the time to shine before you have to drape a parka around the masterpiece that is your autumnal accessory game.
  • Leaves so crunchy you have to pause conversation with a friend until you stop walking.
  • It is the PERFECT temperature for outdoor fitness. In the words of Keith from Edmonton (who visited us last week): “Be Bold. Start Cold.” Once you get moving, you warm right up and all of a sudden you’re breathing in that fresh fall air and you’re taking in the leaves, and it’s mighty good to be alive.
  • Ever gotten lost in a corn maze? Now’s your chance!
  • Stuffing season. For some reason, eating stuffing at every dinner isn’t weird in the fall. It’s festive. Just me? Cool.
  • Hot Yoga is enjoyable again! Rekindle (see what I did there? It’s a fire joke, fire’s hot… hot yoga…) your love affair with Hot Yoga as your post-workout recovery if only to warm yourself thoroughly should you miscalculate on your accessorizing or outdoor activity gear requirements.
  • Dogs wearing sweaters.
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Giving Tuesday… whatever your consumerist allegiance, there’s a day for that. Personally, I like to buy my family’s holiday gifts at a discount and then ship them to them in AB, thus ruining the surprise a month in advance but saving me 20%!
  • Halloween! Which reminds me. NEXT WEEK IS OUR HALLOWEEN WORKOUT! Come in costume for a very special workout with your NP Montreal pals at Place Jacques-Cartier, 6:29 a.m. we bounce!

Is there something you love about fall that I missed? Come tell me about it at the workout! You know where to find me (Place Jacques-Cartier at 6:29 a.m.). Also, join our NP Montreal Community page for upcoming events you might like with your faithful NP MTL Tribe!

– LC

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