How the energy still shines through (Ottawa)

How impressive it is to have a silent workout and with no noise or yelling or cheering, there is this underlying energy about being together early on a Wednesday morning.

It must be the effect of waking up in the dark, waking up before the city wakes, feeling while you’re getting ready to leave the house, like you are the only one awake in the world. Until you arrive at TD place and start to see warm bodies flood in from the distance. Whether you hear them yelling or not, whether you hear the bells from the biker gang ding in the distance, the headlamps shining,  you know they are there. You know they are coming.

What’s most impressive is the quality of the humans who show up, who you can rely on to be respectful, to take the serious seriously (but not always too serious). It was fun to hear from the security guards that they heard nothing, that by-law would have no reason to follow up again. It won’t be like this forever, but it’s a pretty cool way to end off the stadium season. We had to play it ninga safe, to keep this relationship a positive one. We are so very grateful for this place we have called home this summer, we want to make sure we are invited back to keep that up next summer.

For those of you who may be newer, or who forget, just because the stadium season is coming to an end, just means we are moving on to some other incredible places to play and workout in our beautiful city. Next week will be our very last day at TD place for the Halloween workout!

Congrats to all those who PR’d today, who raced hard, who raced themselves, who raced their pacer, who raced their stair buddy, who pushed a friend, or stranger up just one flight of stairs. We make each other better, just by showing up and doing it. It’s always cool to see those pushing their limits, breathing hard on those stairs.

Write those numbers down and track on the progress tracker (see link below). Congrats to fastest male and female, Seumas and Katie!


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