In case of fire. (LAX)

Well in the span of 3 weeks there has been 2 fires very close to the Observatory. I feel slightly at fault for yesterday’s fire since my Facebook post started off with “Griffith Observatory is turning up the heat tomorrow!!” I’m waiting on my call from Charles Xavier any minute now to discuss optimizing my precognition ability. 3 weeks ago, the fire was extinguished with ease and we didn’t skip a beat. Today, however, we were unable to hold recess in our usual backyard. So we packed our bags and snaked our way on over to the Hollywood Bowl B Lot. Ah the memories.

The B Lot will always hold a special place in LAX’s history. There’s nowhere else where you can get the filthiest hands, regret wearing any color other than dark grey or black, and if you’re lucky find a few dollars on the ground that someone dropped while leaving last night’s show. It’s unfortunate that we’re no longer able to call the Bowl home, but it is nice that every now and then we can go visit.

Switching gears for a moment, I’d like to make a quick announcement. After the workout we said that we had some cool shit happening in August. It’s true, we have been planning a few things. One of which is a plogging event. Kait and I are working with the city to organize some good ol’ #NPgivesback fun. We haven’t yet decided on what area we will target, but we’ve discussed a few ideas. That being said, if you know of/want to recommend any trails/parks/streets that could use some help, please e-mail us at . Thanks in advance!


Friday 7/13 – Mom and Dad will be away but there will be an amazing musical theatre themed workout at the Old Zoo.

North Face Endurance Challenge CA: Sign up.  It’ll be fun.

NP SUMMIT  – Still looking to go?  SIGN UP!  Teams >> handy dandy Google Excel Doc and register >> right here! (Test out “NP20”).

Fun Fact(s): Lightning is 5 times hotter than the sun. Lighting can reach temperatures of 30,000 kelvins (53,540 degrees Fahrenheit). Compare that to the surface of the sun, 6,000 kelvins (10,340 degrees Fahrenheit).

Oh and one more thing – 



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