Today we had PR day. Today we moved. Today we moved through A LOT of stairs. Maybe some of us moved up and down more stairs than we ever had. As you’re reading this- think about your results today. Did you make progress? Did you PR? You may feel progress from the way you felt, how much longer you were able to double step, how much longer you maintained your pace, faster down the stairs, and less recovery needed, the number of sections you completed, or you may feel the effects this time tomorrow or the next day. Was there anyone you told about your progress today? If you did, awesome, have them hold you accountable. Check in with that same person next time. Are you friends on FB yet? Send them a message next week and next PR day to make sure they have their alarms set. Find your accountability buddy. The stairs allow us to have an objective measure of how much we are improving. But you don’t improve if you don’t show up. Maybe you need a kick in the ass and a friend to make sure you do.


This week, Liz and I are going to visit MOM.  I’m going to quote one of our mentors, Emily Saul, co-leader of Boston, strong, badass, powerhouse and warmest soul you will hug. Because we won’t want to re-invent the wheel. Emily Saul is the bomb and I believe everything she says. Though in Boston, she is influencing us and our tribe from afar. I hope you feel the impact of her with us. She teaches us and leads by example. This is how she is explaining MOM:

“We are going to visit MOM. Not his mom, or my mom, but we’re going to California–to the mountains outside of SF–for M.O.M.  What NP leadership is calling the “meeting of the minds” or MOM for all the 100+ NP co-leaders from around the whole wide world to come together for a couple of days to connect, have fun together, to get better as co-leaders, to grow and learn, and come back refueled to keep our tribes moving and strong back in our respective cities.  When people wonder about the partnership with The North Face and they ask how that whole thing works–this is a big part of how NP grows and is enhanced by the partnership with TNF.  The North Face is making it possible for all of us to go and strengthen the powerful force that is NP leadership by improving our selves as co-leaders.  So when you see on our social media outlets that we are “powered by The North Face,” we actually mean it.”


One last special thing from today was we tested out the new block party. This was a game changer. Come and connect and hear others’ game changers in life. If you don’t know what the block party is, #justshowup to find out.


Here’s to bringing “soles” together,


Liz and Lauren



  1. NP buffs are $5 talk to Liz and Lauren
  2. Tonight is the Crate Escape ! Details have been posted on November Project Ottawa Facebook and Instagram pages
  3. Next week is at Lansdowne, outside the stadium gates, bring a friend!
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