This morning was pretty DOOOPE! We shook things up with some agility and strength conditioning on and off the stairs and the Westside absolutely DESTROYED it (duh).

Have you ever done squat jumps UP A STAIRCASE? For ten minutes straight!? Me neither. I got a text around 7:45 am saying ‘my butt cheeks are quivering when I shift in my seat lol’. I’m hoping thats a good quiver!!! #nomoreweakcheeks

It was such a blast having the London co-leaders in town for a visit!! They certainly gave us a run for our money when they decided to make our squat burnout EVEN HARDER by adding more walking movement (while still squatting) on top of our 3.5 minutes of straight squatting up and down!!

We are SO proud of Stephanie and Jason for winning the positivity award this week. These two show up every week and are always EXPLODING with energy, pushing themselves, pushing each other and pushing everyone else in the most positively beautiful way. We’re so happy to have them around. Enjoy that oar and remember to share, Stephanie ;-)!


HUGE KUDOS TO CAROLYN WHO SURPRISED US WITH FREEZE POPS THIS MORNING! I had 3, whoops! And yes, I call them freeze pops- not really sure what this ‘otter pop’ thing is about. Much love, CG<3

Stay cheeky, Westside!!!!!

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