Welcome to Sunny California (SF)

So you know how people who don’t live in California think that California is one big beautiful, sunny, warm beach? Well nothing like coming to SF during the summer to crush that fantasy. That’s what we did to the leaders from all of the other NP cities that were in town before the leader summit this weekend.Insert the Mark Twain quote about his coldest winter being a summer in SF here. You expected nice weather? Well you get fog. And lots of hills (sorry Virginia Beach for the rude awakening). But throw in an NP workout with some box jumps and planks and you still get a lot of happy people, so at least we gave  you that.

Friday Hills are at Mount Davidson with our illustrious guest leader Perry Wang. 6:28am at the Vista Point https://goo.gl/maps/m9pAq5yyjrR2.

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