Impromptu PR Day (PHL)

So yes, we are supposed to have a PR day each month. We usually do the last Friday of the month, and we’re supposed to tag grassroots gear on that day too. The reason for PR day is so each of y’all can track your progress. So you can see and get excited about how much faster, stronger, more in tune with your body you are getting each and every month. Who doesn’t love that measurable??!?!
The last few months however,  something super fun and rad just happened to fall on these last Fridays of the month and leadership let PR day slip a bit… Yesterday we said, “let’s shake it up and just make a random impromptu PR/tagging day in the middle of the month” BOOM.IMG_0269

Tagging was needed. Tracking was needed. You all did a bang up job!

We finished off our sweat sesh with a set of Sebastians and all was well with the tribe!

Congrats to Katie for taking down the Hard Hat! So very well deserved, and I know I can’t wait to see what you alliterate with “orange” this week 😉

Have a great weekend y’all! Be good to yourselves!



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