Icy Hot (LAX)

Okay, so like, maybe more like “pretty chilly for LA” but they haven’t come out with that style yet. Though I’d love to see Shaq try and sell it.

Regardless, hot zones were conquered like we’ve never seen before in the bowl, with some Sebastiens to boot. Look forward to more of those in 2016… we’re making LAX burpee strong.


But I want to switch gears and highlight something awesome that came from this morning’s sweatfest. Tribe member and all around amazing guy Max Snell took home the Positivity Award today. He said some pretty great stuff in thanks to the tribe, but one line jumped right off the page at me:

“I accepted this me and the funny thing is is that you all did as well.”

Music to my eyes! Hitting the nail of why we do this crazy thing right on the damn head. What we bring is more than just fitness. Yes, we run you ragged up so many stairs and burpees you can’t walk straight after, but the point is that you were comfortable being present in the work that you put in. You are able to look around at all of these people and know that every single one of them has your back from the moment you step into the bowl. There’s no ifs ands or buts about it. If you’re here… we got you. Whoever that you is.

Thanks for being you, Max and everyone else. The tribe is strong. And a little happy. Have fantastic and safe holidays, see you in 2016.






FRIDAY – Meet at the top of the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook at 6:27 am sharp. It’s a hefty climb, so get there at least 15 minutes early! Best bet for parking is on Jefferson.

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