Some Like it Hot, Some Like it..Slushy?

…And that’s exactly what is was here in Minneapolis this morning. With this Winter’s not so chilly temperatures and many systems moving through, Minneapolis has been a target for precipitation in the form of slush and ice making for slick conditions. Ain’t no thang, #NP_MSP still rocked it this morning. Although the elements made picture taking difficult, the theme this morning was ONESIES/TWINSIES meaning that you were either supposed to dress up in onesie pajamas or dress alike with someone.

Surprisingly, the roads and paths weren’t too iced over this morning so we were able to tackle our home base hill. The workout on the docket you ask? A series of “balls to the walls” sprints 1/3, 2/3, and all the way up to the top of the hill. The pattern for these sprints was 2*1/3 up, 2* 2/3 up, and 2* all the way up. Once at the top on each “all the way up” rep, we did 10 flying dutchmen (HUH!) on each side before we made our way back down.  30ish minutes of this and then a quick photo completed today’s workout. YEAH!

The positivity award winner was someone close to leader Ben’s heart, this guy shows up whenever he can, even if it means he shows up late and knows he’ll get sh*t for it. Way to go Alex (STU) Hessefort.


  • Fridays, UMN Boathouse (for now), 6:27am
  • We WILL have Christmas and New Years workouts! Both are on Fridays, so both will be at the boathouse.
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