Great Pyramids of Balboa Park (SD)

Today we continued along the theme of “Challenge Yourself” and braved the Icelandic temperatures (hey, it was in the 30s and low 40s this morning) as we climbed the great pyramids of Balboa Park.

Sandwiched between partner squat holds as a warm up and Sally squats as a finisher, you were asked to pick your least favorite exercise. You know, that one that makes you go “Oh Man” when we tell you it’s part of the workout that day. Then you did 5 reps of that exercise, ran a lap around the international houses (which doesn’t include Iceland #lame), did 10 reps, ran a lap, did 15 reps, ran a lap. And so on and so forth until you reached the halfway point of the workout when you were at the top of that great pyramid. Slowly, but surely, you climbed back down that pyramid until you got to 0 (or time was called).

We learned that approximately 76% of you hate burpees. So there’s that.

You pushed yourselves hard. You pushed each other harder. And you ate yummy sugar cookies after.

All in all, I’d say a successful morning. And a momentous morning! All this Iceland talk reminds me – welcome ICELAND to the NP family. They make tribe #29 and the first tribe overseas. (In case you missed it, tribe #27 was Victoria BC and tribe #28 was Miami).

The movement is real. Your movements are real. Be happy, be strong, be bright SD.


– The last #NPYoga of 2015 is this FRIDAY morning! 7AM, Practical Karate on Morena Blvd. Cost is FREE/donation if you so desire.

– #Sunrise6k is MONDAY. Race starts at 6:29AM sharp underneath Crystal Pier in PB. Wear colors of the sunrise. Sign up for the tracker so you can record your time and compare yourself to the rest of the NP universe. We will have prizes for first place male and female, and we may have a stencil. 

– #MayhemMondays for 2016 will be announced shortly. We will be travelling to a new location each month and staying there the entire month! Get excited.

– The #milechallenge is coming. Thursday 12/31, 6:30AM, Point Loma Nazarene University track. Run a timed mile. Train, push, challenge, run for the next month. Re-test your mile time 4 weeks later. Time to get fast.

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