I wonder…(YEG)

Blue&Black or White&Gold?…Destroy or Crush…I think heard destroy so we’re going with it…

Right Side: “You are going to f$*#ing destroy the stairs this morning”

Left Side: “BOOM”

Left Side: “No, no, no…YOU, are going to  f$*#ing destroy the stairs this morning”

Right Side: “BOOM”

With a kick-off like that how could the tribe do anything but DESTROY the stairs this morning.

For the second week in a row the upper bowl was our playground and it didn’t disappoint. The sunrise was glorious, the echoing cheers were motivating, the bright, colourful warm weather gear was on full display and the TRIBE ran, climbed & sweated through each section.

I wonder what newbies  think when they arrive at the stadium. I wonder if there are butterflies in their bellies…I wonder if they question why they’ve woken up at such a ghastly hour…I wonder if they think that they’ve join some secret club…

I wonder what newbies think during the bounce. I wonder if they think they’ve joined some sort of cult….I wonder if they look around and ask themselves who all of these crazy people are…I wonder if they are surprised when we greet each other with our “Good morning, y’all good?!”

I wonder what newbies think while the are making their way across the upper bowl. I wonder if they feel like they are going to puke…I wonder if they worry about tripping…I wonder if they are secretly hoping that 30 minutes actually means 15…

I wonder what newbies think when we take our group picture. I wonder if they are scared they’ll have to give someone a sweaty hug…I wonder if they are unsure how their legs will work when they have to stand up again…I wonder if they are surprised that they don’t have to pay for this experience…

I wonder what newbies think when they head home…

I hope that they love the energy of our community…I hope that they are proud of what they accomplished by 6:45 in the morning…I hope that they share their experience with others & most of all I hope that they will join us again!

Friday, Emily Murphy Hill, 6:00AM BOOM!

Until next time, SMILE! J

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4 Replies to “I wonder…(YEG)”

  1. Great post Jen! Last week Wednesday was my very first time at The November Project. Here is a glimpse into my inner dialogue. 😉 

    “Okay…okay… there are other people at this thing. Good sign, good sign. Okay bouncing. I can do bouncing. Shoot I missed the ‘good morning,’ I’ll get it next time! Sure…stairs…no problem… Oh gawd, all I can hear is my own wheezing. Why didn’t I bring music?! Oh look the sun is rising! Beautiful! “You look great too!” …People are so encouraging! Shit, I think my legs are collapsing under me; I am going to die on these stairs. Geez, Andrew Ferrence just lapped me… what are his calves even made of?!?  Okay, okay 7 more minutes, I got this. Picture time already?! Yay! I didn’t die! Hugs!? Awesome!”  


  2. Great Post! Today I was not the only newbie…I wish I would have asked the name of the newbie who decided to finish one more set of stairs with me after our pause…I did have the nervous pit in my stomach and the drive to compete. Both ended minutes into the stairs when I couldn’t think about the nerves and realized my only competition I had was with myself. I mean really, I’m not going to finish all stairs on my first day. There has to be something to work for next week right?!  I was super glad to hug the friend that I came with in the first huddle and at the end surprised myself by eagerly hugging the stranger to my left. The high five at my half way mark was awesome, my friend cheering pushed me to do one more set and the energy had me high all day. I wish I could walk tonight, tomorrow will be worse, but it was amazing. Also, I promised my son that I wouldn’t cry or pass out infront of Ference so it was an all around win today! I will be back to add another set of stairs, hug & shout out to people I don’t know and just feel better about how I spend my day! 

    1. Thanks Teressa for sharing your morning with us! It was great to meet you 🙂 Looking forward to many more mornings of sweaty hugs and high 5’s!

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