Fast as F**k (LAX)

Everyone knew that Orrin, my co-leader and partner in all things ridiculous, is a fast, fast man. He now has physical proof of said speed, crushing the Boston Marathon in 2:58:28. Well buddy, your speed surely spread to the rest of this tribe because everyone was flying around like beautiful colorful birds this morning.


After the first round of sprints, we broke down into partners. Push up hi fives… then run. Hoisties… then run. Leg throws… then run. Catching a theme? WELL THEN STARE INTO YOUR PARTNER’S SOUL, DO MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS, AND RUN AGAIN! Rinse, wash, repeat. We’ve got a bunch of Speedy Gonzales’ on our hands.


What, you thought we were done there? To close out the hump day, we all lined up for a classic high school gym class suicide shuttle run… with a twist. The clock ran until the last person crossed the finish line, the entire tribe was the team. After the dust had settled from the frantic sprinting, the voices had died down from cheering… the whole team anxiously awaited the results. 3 minutes… 45 seconds. LOOK AT HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE IN THAT PICTURE AT THE TOP. This tribe is fast as fuck. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.

I’d be remiss without shouting out the 5:30 crew, who sped through the same cycle with a fraction of the people, and yet just as much heart.

Remember that you are capable of leaving everything you have out of the floor (or pavement… or stairs…), even if you feel like there’s nothing left in the tank. Remember that whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right. Remember that showing up is half the battle. You came, you saw, you ran all over it. I’m always so proud of this tribe… but we hit another level today. Take this energy, feed off of it, and make the rest of this week beyond the best it can be. Get hungry. And as always…



HOMEWORK: Post a picture planting a tree, potting a plant, cleaning up bottles, whatever you can do to thank mother nature for everything she does for us. Don’t forget the #GrassrootsGear!

FRIDAY: 6:27 am at the Berendo Stairs in Los Feliz. Meet at the corner of Berendo and Cromwell Ave. Ninja mode will be engaged.

Holy shit I love all of you.

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