I really don’t need this…

When browsing the blog archives of November Project I find quite a few compelling stories… people who went through difficulties, had found love, compassion, inclusion, and support within their tribe. It seems they needed something and November Project was there to give it to them. Although I love reading those stories of lives improved, in some cases perhaps even lives saved, I really don’t see how any of this applies to me, I can’t really relate to any of these stories.

I don’t feel lost, I don’t struggle with body image, I never missed out on love from my family, I don’t have a shortage of friends, I’m not depressed, I’m not lonely, I’m not a recovering addict, I’m not lacking confidence, I’m not in search of acceptance, I’m not short of resources, I’m not in any sort of pain… and something else, I’m not a morning person! I really don’t need November Project…

But from the moment I first showed up at NP Amsterdam I felt welcome, I loved the energy of the group, the silly workouts, the laughter, the friendship, the hugs, the high fives, the fitness, the opportunity to perhaps make a difference to somebody else’s life, however small… Then when visiting London for work, I joined the NP London workout and received the same warm welcome, and I started to realize just how special NP is.

Since joining November Project last July, I’ve fallen in love with running again, I’ve laughed harder than ever before, I won wine by completing a kids run ( *this bit might factually be shaky but this is my story and I’m sticking with it ), I made some friends that I hope are for life, and on a regular basis do burpees at random locations and times.

#RaceEverything #TrailRunner #Cyprus #Antoinette_Runs #KidsRun

I know I can look forward to many more workouts where I push myself just a little bit harder, to Karaoke nights, to social runs, to waffles dripping with maple syrup, to early morning WhatsApp chatter, to many cappuccinos and breakfasts, and Wednesday mornings filled with heartfelt connections…. so yeah, I really don’t need any of this.

November Project Amsterdam
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6 Replies to “I really don’t need this…”

  1. Some rumours say that the wine competition was framed from the inside. But who believes rumours anyway?

    Great blog and I’m very happy I can call you a friend!

    1. Thanks for your kind words Mark… hope to see you soon again on a Wednesday morning!! and as to rumours… I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about….

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