A PR Day back at the hill (Ottawa)

Started this morning off with a lil bounce, a swaying bounce, a wake up call, a gathering of community. We scooted off to the hill quickly for 25:01 of pushing hard up and down the hill and stairs. This workout allows us to see our progress, measure our improvement, however you measure that…. How strong you felt, how your breathing was, how easily you could encourage others, number of laps, amount of time finishing up that last lap.

This community supports all those progressions, and supports those goals. The PR day chain is a chain because it connects us all, it’s an indication of the tribe growing and changing, of pushing others to be their best. Although this morning was a slightly modified route due to some everlasting ice, we were grateful to have access to this beautiful location.

Congrats to Cory and Sheila for their PRs and fastest male and female Seumas and Caroline. Thanks for leading by example.

Thank you for making the morning so great, for being part of this community that starts our day so positively. Take that with you to the next place you go to spread the positivity around this city.

Here’s to bringing “soles” together


  1. BUFFS $5
  2. See Facebook album for photos from this morning
  3. NEXT WEEK: Parliament Hill
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