Guest Blog: “Ask Not What NP Can Do For You…” (BOS 3.25.19)

Ask not what NP can do for you…

When we talk about November Project, it’s easy to list the things our tribe(s) have given to each of us, including but not limited to: sunrises, friends, PRs, communities, training partners, cheerleaders, familiar strangers, & life partners. Our workouts build confidence, generate goodwill, create empathy, fight depression and anxiety, foster connection, and champion the positive impact of a simple high-five or encouraging cheer.

What do we give November Project in return? We return the favor by showing up, giving our hugs or high-fives at the bounce, getting to know our partners or team, and giving encouragement to those around us as we gasp/sweat/race through hills and stairs and circuits. Over the course of a workout, the collective energy of these small positive moments builds to create the community we all love. We invite friends, neighbors, & colleagues to keep the tribe growing, build relationships with each other outside of M/W/F mornings to hold each other accountable for early-morning wakeups and weekend training runs. We offer couches to NP travelers and show up to workouts in new cities and offer hugs to strangers in tagged gear.

This morning, after a collective 11 years (!!) of NP workouts between us, Derek and I had a chance to give back to November Project in another way. Along the Seaport’s waterfront, with the downtown skyline serving as our backdrop, an awesome group of humans gathered for an old school destination deck. Each team sprinted, pushup-ed, frog jumped, planked, and Russian twisted their way through a beautiful sunrise.

Leading the workout showed us a side of November Project that neither of us had seen before. We got to experience the other side of the bounce, to stand in front of a fantastic group of humans and ask them to trust us to start their day off right. 

In true NP spirit, the morning required an amount of energy and time that we got back a hundred fold through the hard work and dedication and smiles and encouragement of everyone who just showed up. (But also WOW Emily and Chris you plan this every week I am so impressed!)

Thank you to everyone who sprinted through the many (many!) face cards and to our fearless leaders for giving us this opportunity to give back to a community that has given us so much. 


WEDNESDAY: PR DAY at the stadium – Because I am flying solo and Sauce has all of the tagging equipment we will not be tagging… WE WILL HAVE A BOSTON MARATHON SPECIFIC TAGGING SESSION COMING AT YOU SOON : DATE TBD

FRIDAY: Sauce Back. BOOM.

SUNDAY: Ceremonial Frost Fit “Winter is going”. Sauce and I are leading our last winter workout with the Esplanade before we go into hibernation. Join us at 9am but the docks at community rowing!

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