I Have 5 Workouts Left- Can I See Your Face? (SF)

So it’s been nearly 5 years of NPSF and I now have 5 workouts left before I head east. Time sure does fly when you are having the time of your life. I’ll save the sappy blog post for my last day, but for now I ask you this…can I please see you before I leave?

Over the last 5 years, NPSF has been a revolving door of fantastic humans from all ends of the earth, some who I have gotten to know better than others. You may have only been to a few workouts, or maybe you have been to every Wednesday since Alamo Square (JMB), it honestly doesn’t matter to me. I want to see ALL OF YOU. The last few weeks have been dark and wet, a recipe for San Franciscan’s to surely sleep in late and start work at noon. I get it, this city has the most flexible work schedule in the whole damn country (except for San Diego, where they just simply don’t work). But I am asking, pleading, and borderline begging (please girl, I don’t beg) you to make it out to one of the next 5 workouts, or better yet, all of them! Bonus points if I haven’t seen you in years and want to just jump into one last workout. It would mean more to me than any of you realize.

Come give me a hug!


P.S. We’ve got a tight score coming into the last Friday! 246 Team Zip (yellow). 218 Team Paddy (blue). 243 Team Ali (red).

Monday: Fort Mason 6:30

Wednesday: Alta Plaza 5:30/6:27 AM

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