Spring, Monday, and NP Pledges

Dear Boston Tribe,

While it officially turned spring this week, the snow on the ground is a harsh reality that spring is a sneaky friend, who isn’t ready to come out to play yet.

THIS is precisely the time our best #weatherproof qualities need to shine. This is when we so desperately want to walk outside in shorts and without 17 layers, that when we have to still keep our layers in order to stay alive, we miiiiight opt to just stay in, or even hit a not-free fitness option, to avoid the not-yet spring weather we’ve got going on. But seriously folks, if we can make it until now in the winter shit, we can make it through this shit. Hang in there. Keep showing up and earn the spring. It’ll come.

MONDAY is the next installment of the #CelebrityShot destination deck. We have two AMAZING tribe members who will be leading the workout and I cannot say this emphatically enough. Show up on Monday. It will not disappoint. Money back guarantee. We will be meeting in front of the MIT School of Architecture & Planning. 77 Mass Ave. Cambridge.


Apparently Monday is “Name Your Own Holiday” day and we are jumping on that train to make it an official NP Holiday! Everyone needs to bring an 8.5×11″ piece of paper on which you’ve written the hashtag you think we should use to name the NP holiday. (EmC2 will announce the winner on Wednesday in the stadium)

GOT IT? #JustShowUp

And what about those NP pledge groups? Yeah they’re actually everywhere… working hard to spread the free fitness movement around the world. #worldtakeover!! Today the leader of the Syracuse, NY pledge group showed up to the hills and ran her face off. If you get curious about who’s pledging and want to help build, support, and encourage those budding tribes, get on the ‘gram, search for #NP_pledge and see who’s out there. Crews like @cusecommunityfitness and @pvdproject (the leader of which shows up just about every Monday in Boston) out here on the east coast need support and so do all those others. Give them a follow, a like, a “fuck yeah.”

The tribe is strong, my friends. Strong and #weatherproof. Strong leaders from within the tribe. And strong by growing this movement. Let’s keep changing the world!

Have a great day. #weekendearned #doyourhomeworkformonday

Love and EmSauce hugs!

And just to prove that it pays to read the blog and to keep scrolling all the way to the end. #freefitnessmakesbetterbutts

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