Chinatown Hustle

March is almost over which means that we are ONE WEEK AWAY FROM #APRHILL!! After the success that was #Hillvember, I have to admit that I am really looking forward to next month. This time around however, we are taking it up another level. In celebrating the #raceeverything culture that is part of the foundation of November Project, we are adding some friendly competition to #Aprhill. On Wednesday April 4th, we will split the tribe into team Kait and team Mess. Points will be awarded for every hill repeat that you finish. At the end of the month we will tally up the total scores and the losing team will do something “fun”.

Here’s how you can help your team out:

  • #justshowup to every workout ready to put in work!
  • #recruiteveryone! Want to gain a huge advantage over the other team? Every person that you recruit to the workouts, automatically is on your team! So recruit your tinder/bumble/scruff/grindr/craigslist missed connections date, your barista, the cop who pulled you over for getting in the turning lane too early, that dude you see responsibly walking his dog and cleaning up the poo, your mailman, or literally anyone else!
  • Support your teammates with high fives, compliments, positivity, and some high energy!
  • Set a goal for the workout and then beat that goal by 1 more repeat! Great way to start the day off reminding yourself that you are a total badass!


One last note regarding today – The energy was fantastic! Loved the smiles and effort from everyone this morning. I’m pumped to keep that vibe flowing!! Fuck yeah!


Do Good, LA!

Other fun things:

April 29th – Finish the Ride/Run

Finish the Ride/Run is an awesome race that we will be hyping up over the next month. Finish the Ride was started by Damian Kevitt after he was hit by a minivan while riding his bike. Fortunately, Damian survived the tragedy although he did lose his leg. FTR is an event that directly involves our community, and one that advocates a great cause. Run wise there is a 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon. Rides will consist of 9 miles, 20 miles, 35 miles, and a 50 miler!

April 4th – NP Spring Cleaning Clothing Drive

A lot of us have a rather large collection of clothes that we never wear. On April 4th we are doing our first ever NP clothing swap/spring cleaning donation day. This means that you get to go through your closet and bring any clothes/shoes that you no longer wear and would like to see go to a new home. But what if you are like me when I first started coming to NP and don’t have a collection built up? Well, you get first dibs before everything gets donated. That means that on April 4th we will have a donation bin, and everything inside of it will be up for grabs. After the workout is over and everyone goes their separate ways, I will be taking the remaining items to the LA Mission and donating it. This will also include any items/clothes that have been left behind at workouts and gone unclaimed. Happy Spring Cleaning! 🙂

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