I finally understand (YWG)


After being gone for 3 weeks, I returned to the tribe today for an amazing morning of hard work, hugs, new faces and pure exhaustion. It was amazing to be back and my absence really helped me to finally understand a beautiful song that never made much sense:

The lyrics by Mr Pass Enger, “You only need the light when it’s burning low. You only miss the sun when it starts to snow. Only know you love her when you let her go”

I had an incredible 3 weeks adventuring with my amazing, fun and bad-ass girlfriend. However, while I was gone, I also realized that Wednesdays didn’t quite feel right without my mornings with the tribe.


I saw pictures and heard how Rick ran a tight ship with the wonderful help of Katie and Dan. And while I was pumped to see the huge groups, I was admittedly both sad and a bit jealous of all the fun you had without me. Strange thought: I was travelling in Europe, yet somehow each Wednesday morning I was jealous of the 1 hour workouts I missed in Winnipeg with the amazing tribe we have created.


It’s a pretty neat feeling to all of a sudden realize in perfect clarity how important something is to you. You might say that by letting go of NP for 3 weeks, I know that I love it. Thanks Passenger, you’re fucking brilliant.

Positivity Award riddle. . .

Who rocks grassroots gear, dances at racing start lines, smiles non-stop, recruits, encourages and does 1-armed burpees?


The answer is Amie Seier! She joined us for a workout in October of last year, then she moved to Calgary where she helped spread the word to the wonderful people of NP_YYC. She then moved back to us and has been a staple at workouts throughout the winter, spring and now summer. She embodies the positivity that we try to create in our tribes and it was about damn time she receive this award. Today was the tipping point because of the 1-armed burpees while the other was casted up with a broken arm. Congrats Amie!

• Spartan Race this Saturday – check Facebook or contact Connie Joy
• MEC race#3 Sunday July 19 – Birds Hill Park
• Grand Beach NP Pop-up – July 18th as part of the Lululemon Mind Body and Surf Experience

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