I. Believe. That. We. Will. Win.

Look at all those beautiful humans.

Winnipeg Notes:
– Stadium workout, y’all crushed it
– Bomber Game this Friday the 19th
– MEC Race #2 this Sunday the 21st
– Sunrise 6km #2 Next Friday the 26th
– SUMMIT in LAS VEGAS, Nov 15-18th
– Shabooyah goes to Melanie Noble

BOO-YAH Bomber Stadium workout! What a fire morning! Thank you to all 150 of you who came out and gave it your all at this wicked workout. Thanks to Investors Group Field for hosting us. Thanks to Lulu Lemon for bringing us a massive speaker. Thanks to Ivan for the drum solo for the Women’s World Cup inspired Bounce. Thanks to Melanie for taking some sweet pics. Thanks to Spencer for being keen to show up with less than a day’s notice to do some videography.

The workout was killer, I’m sure many of us will be feeling this one for a couple days. From a trillion Burpees in the Bop It warm up, to sprinting through some person makers, an “almost” perfectly executed war-cry run. And that was just on the field, the real killer portion was the 30 minutes that everyone ran up and down each stair section of the stadium. After the workout I heard a couple of you say you made it further around than last year, some of you even finished a full tour under the 30 minute mark. Awesome work my dudes! For a workout finale we pulled out the classic Rock, Paper, Scissor Championships of the Universe. It was a tough face-off between Max and Nikki for the final round, Nikki brining in the W. All in all I am confident to say the morning was a big W. Glad you were all here.

Upcoming events – open your calendars I have a list for you! This Friday, the 19th, a big crew of NPers will be at the Bomber Game, it’s looking like it will be a tough one against the Ottawa Redblacks. If you want to come, the time has passed for a discounted NP ticket but feel free to purchase a regular ticket and join the crew! This Sunday is MEC Race #2 at Labarrier Park, it is a trail race and they have three distances; a 5km, 10km and 15km. This is an awesome trail race location and every year racers have a ton of fun! If you’re keen to check out the location but not feeling up for a race, cheer people are always appreciated/encouraged! Next Friday, the 26th of July will be our second Sunrise 6km of the summer. Show up ready to race, at the Legislative building at the classic 6:14 am. Bounce will be sharp, race will be stellar, you all will be awesome.

Last but not least; SUMMIT 7 has been announced and we are going to Las Vegas for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon the weekend of November 15th-18th. This race looks pretty epic as it is a night run, meaning we will be racing down the infamous Las Vegas Strip with all the pretty lights. I have officially confirmed my spot and I encourage you to come with me! In all honesty, I don’t know if I would ever end up in Vegas but for NP Summit and a race, I’m all in! I’ve checked the dates and there seems to be a cheap swoop flight. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any Summit questions. Link here for the official NP Summit Blog. https://november-project.com/npsummit-2019/

To finish off this very lengthy (sawry – it’s my first time, I’ll be better I promise) blog. Quick few words about one of my favourite people, Melanie Noble. Today she brought home the Shabooyah, passed off from Theresa. Mel is a wonderful human being. This woman always shows up with the best attitude, a soul full of joy and the worlds best hugs. Mel we are so thankful for all your help, for taking photos at workouts, checking in to see how new members are doing and always brining your contagious smile!

That’s it, that’s all. New kid on the block, YP

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