Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Introducing Office Hours (MSP)

It’s been a good year so far. I’m feeling nostalgic, so for kicks, here’s a list that I’m calling “November Project Minneapolis 2019 in Six Chronological Moments, According to Nat.”

  • Tubing at Theo Wirth. Our 5th birthday in the frigid, pre-Polar Vortex cold. 
  • The Polar Vortex, AKA “Layer Up and Just Do the Damn Thing.”
  • E Rolf’s first bounce.
  • Ben’s last bounce/Week of Wonder (this is a million moments in one).
  • Beach Day. There’s just something about Beach Day.
  • Yesterday’s sweaty, sweaty Sixer. 

The common denominator? You. NP MSP, you are the happiest, most energizing people I know. These moments are sources of strength, goodness, connection, energy, and courage. 

Our guiding goal is to make November Project Minneapolis a place where we workout HARD.  But also a place where anyone can feel welcome, be challenged, and make a connection. To keep at this goal, we’re asking for your help, and we’re trying something new: Office Hours. Give us your thoughts, critiques, good memories, bad memories, workout ideas, location ideas, partnership ideas, social hangout ideas…we want it all. 

You’ll have a couple chances to chat with E Rolf & me (details below). And if face-to-face won’t work, shoot us a message. Slide into our DMs. Write us a letter. 

Our community grows & gets better because of YOU. Thank you for helping us make this place as wonderful & as welcoming as possible. We hope to see you at Office Hours, where we will not be editing your research paper or helping you choose a major.

Office Hours

Thursday, July 25 – 11:30am-1pm – Nina’s Cafe

Monday, July 29 – 7:00-8:30am – Post #UnofficialMonday – Inside Dunn Brothers near Lowry Park

Wednesday, July 31 – 6:00-8:00pm – La Doña Cervecería

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