Hurricanes Come and Go (DCA)


Turns out #Joaquin might not even come to DC. And Hurricanes are unpredictable like that. Some of #Joaquin is much more predictable. DC will have no gallons of water left on it’s stores shelves by the end of the day. Scratch that. DC will have no gallons of water left on it’s stores shelves by 4pm today, because it’s Friday and it’s bad weather and EVERY ONE LEAVE WORK NOW. Did you want to enjoy your first weekend of October with Oktoberfest? Cancelled. Were you planning to go to the Smithsonian Autumn festival? Not this weekend. Watch the Redskins play? Look out for their contingency plan.

ALSO PREDICTABLE. Rain or rain, we’re #weatherproof. Are you sick of hearing about #weatherproof? I’m not. I’m not sick of hearing about weatherproof when it means that as I scroll through pictures yesterday I see that Annelise and Juliana tore up a 4am birthday 21 miler in the morning and then Mary and Noli did their last pre-MCM 20+ miler in the pouring rain on a Thursday night while I cooked chili and went to bed early. I’m not sick of #weatherproof when it means that, even though Thom couldn’t stay for the workout, he came to the location early in the rain just to help us clear the space of trash (YAY, DC) so the tribe could workout. I’m not sick of #weatherproof when it means that Grant shows up in a swim cap and goggles cause why not embrace that it’s raining, it’s been raining, and it will still be raining for the forseeable future.

The tribe was small-ish in numbers, but RICH in RAIN, and now they’ve got the inside scoop on the tracker. They’ve signed it. If you haven’t logged into the tracker, log into the tracker. Once you’re in, “Record your Result for today.” If you were there today, check the box “I was there.” THAT way, we’ll know you’ve logged in, and from now until forever, WHENEVER we stand in front of you and talk about the tracker you can put your fingers in your ears and hum. We’ll be cool.


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