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DHP3We talk about being #weatherproof all year but sometimes we need a reminder what being weatherproof actually means. The weather is starting to turn, hurricanes are happening, cold rain is falling and the mornings are starting to be dark. It’s that weatherproof season folks, so here it is,   my annual weatherproof talk where we explain why you’re different and  why your mother might call you crazy. 

This morning was just a toe in the water. Sure, hurricane Joaquin was knocking at the door, rain was falling and our brand new location was dark as a neglected campfire marshmallow. But lets be honest, once we all got moving things weren’t so bad. We were a little damp, maybe a little chilly but realistically  today’s workout was just a hint at what’s to come.

Now please listen to me. Do not be scared by what I am saying.  If the light drizzle of day-1 of #baltitour seemed like a tough morning for you and you’re quickly debating throwing in the November Project towel until May rolls around, I ask you, please don’t. Being #weatherproof is not just about waking up and throwing down in the rain, snow or sleet. Being weatherproof is a mindset, it’s a defining feature of your character, it’s what makes you different  than your roommate, than your siblings, than your best schlubby friend from college. Your mother will call you crazy for working out in every type of weather imaginable, but you’ll learn to relish those moments where you can smile slightly, give her a knowing nod and say ” yeah, I know.”

Druid Hill Park 2

Crazy is good. In a society where comfort is the norm and pushing your limits is all too often a pre-packaged experience you can buy, being weatherproof is what sets us apart. Everyone in your life will start to tell you that what you’re doing is “crazy.” The weather you run in is crazy, your early mornings are crazy, your desire to be just a little bit better is “crazy.” What they really mean is “you’re tougher than me, and you’re living way harder than I am.” You don’t have to be a steel-calved iron man to be weatherproof, you just have to have heart and a little bit of grit.

Being weatherproof is something you learn, it is not an intrinsic trait but it is a trait learned way easier in community. One of the biggest aspects of establishing your weatherproof nature is simple accountability. You have to be there and you have to wake up. You can always let yourself down  but letting the tribe down is way harder. If you’re not sure this #weatherproof thing is for you, I encourage you to let the tribe teach you first, then we can make that decision together. I promise you’re weatherproof as a goddam Bactrian Camel ( Learn it),  you just don’t know it yet.

Bactrian Camel

This idea is one you can carry through all aspects of your life. Being weatherproof is just another way of saying ” I can triumph over any circumstance.” Yes, life throws you shit sometimes but that doesn’t mean you can’t call your best friend on their birthday. Maybe your internet went out in a storm, your car got a flat, your coffee was just lukewarm. The most weatherproof among us laugh at those moments while some others might break down and let it ruin their day. Fuck it, I have gone running when most people are stock piling toilet paper and wonder bread for the impending apocalypse….let my coffee be lukewarm.

Being weatherproof makes you strong, it makes you unique, it makes you the master of your fate, the captain of your soul. It’s something you will always have and will learn to love about yourself.

Before this whole crazy  November Project thing started I wouldn’t have been caught dead running in the snow before the sun was up. It sounded terrible ( in fact it still does) and I couldn’t have come up with a single good reason to do that. But after spending nearly two years with a wild group of truly weatherproof catz, I relish the opportunity because I have something to prove to myself, something to prove to all of you. I want to find the biggest storm, run right into it  and beat that mutha back.  I always come home and my mother always tells me that i’m a crazy-man and that i’ll die of cold.

For two years now I’ve been nodding and saying, ” yeah,  I know.”


As always, Take Big Bites out of Life.

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