Tattoo Verbal (LAX)

That’s correct, TATTOO VERBAL. LA, our tattoo verbal to you is that if we reach 300 members by any given workout by November 11th that we will get a November Project Tattoo. It’s something that has been done before in other tribes like Boston, NYC, Denver, and the likes.

Here’s the thing, it may just seem like we’re hopping on the band wagon and willy nilly following suit, but I’ll let you in on a little secret. This shit means a lot to Steve and I. There’s reasons as to why we get up at the butt crack of dawn to see your sleepy eyes get wider and soon stoked to be awake and alive in this city. We believe in the good of all of you and the all of you’s who still have yet to step foot in the Hollywood Bowl at 6:27 in the morning. We want to make this city a better and brighter place with more interactions. Less snark, more smiles. More strangers, more friends. Healthier beings who throw their positive outlook into this expanse to make it one beaming smile factory. We want to see you grow more empowered and so confident that you can say ” Fuck yeah! I’m ready to tackle any day head on and give it my all with failure or success.”

I have no tattoos on my body, a temple some of you may put it. Steve on the other hand as a pokemon like turtle on his bicep so we know he’s game. Joking aside, a tattoo has got to have meaning to me. To put it simple this shit truly does mean something to me. It’s shifted my outlook, has made me healthier and I only want to share that with you. 

To put it simple I look at all you people and I know that you are capable of so much. You may already know that, you may not, but it’s ultimately up to you to accept and realize that you truly do deserve THIS!  The other people who have yet to experience November Project deserve it too. It’s up to you to share and allow these folks to experience this in the city. You have the opportunity every day to make this city a better place. You have a choose to share a smile with a stranger, interact and possibly share this goodness. You have the opportunity to get not only yourself fitter, but those around you. Don’t miss out on that!

300! Join us and let’s do this magical thing!


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