Hugs, Bugs, #PRThugs

Last week we left everyone with the goal of recruiting their asses off for #PRWednesday. The good news is we saw a bunch of #newbies out today, and the tribe is growing stronger. Now for the bad news. Somehow the word was strong among insect communities today, and they were there in fuckin’ droves… or swarms, whatever. If mosquitos count toward our goal of #3014, lets start drafting up the tats right now. This might be appropriate ink to pay homage to our new skeeter friends…


I guess we cant stay mad though, and due to tons of PR’s and a new course record by Bryan March, we probably owe them thanks. Seriously, the tribe raced theirs butts off today, and definitely earned their weekend.


After handing out the positivity award to Amanda, who has been killing it since day one and also brought us spray paint, we made a few announcements:

1.) Lets continue spreading the #NP_Chi word to the city. We want to see 100 beautiful, sexy faces in one workout and need your help. Recruit everyone. Show them our videos, tell them our jokes, and lets help make this city #FitAsFuck.

2.)November Project – Art homework. Show us your flair for the artistic, and make some NP Art. Sidewalk chalk, creative grassroots gear ensembles, music videos are all welcome. Use #NovemberProject, #NP_Chi, #3014 to send your genius, through the inter-webs, and out to millions… Oh yeah, the winner/s get a pretty dope prize, for reals.

The Tribe is strong, getting stronger… #WorldTakeOver is real


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