#RaceDay (IND)

Today it got a little weird. The “No Arm Bear Hug” was introduced, which some say was less awkward that an armed hug. Hmm, interesting, the tribe likes to nuzzle. Weird is okay.

The tribe fiercely threw down some PRs! Congrats to Courtney, Casey, Frank The Tank, Dan, Amy, Pei, Angela, Jeni, Jessie, Kim, Taylor, Alina and Jenna! Data will be posted.

#RaceDay is not to be feared. Yeah, it’s hard. Look at it as your opportunity to test yourself.  Ask yourself: “How am I doing? Have I gotten stronger, faster in the last month?” If you keep showing up, you will. And when you get that PR, #fuckyeah. Nice work.

Keep recruiting! Use your #RecruitingPapers. How soon can #NP_IND hit 75 members? Bring one person with you each and every week. How soon can we hit 3,014 members at one Wednesday workout in 2014 across 16 NP tribes? #3014

Next week: Wednesday 6:15AM Indiana War Memorial North Stairs

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