Hold ’em or Fold ’em

Fall has arrived and what a great way to start off a Wednesday then by embracing it open armed.  Nola experienced a nice little cool spell, putting us at 70 degrees for workout time.  This my friends is a borderline chili for us down here on the Gulf Coast.

To start the day off, Preston got us going with a little bounce and some hugs.  Following that, the group moved into a warm up consisting of partner side shuffles, High Skips, Bear Crawls, and sprint Burpees. After warm-ups, a short planking Exercise and on to the meat of the workout.


Tribe members ran a 400 meter lap, at the end of which each person had to pick 2 cards.  Red cards meant you did the corresponding number of air squats and black cards were the same, but with burpees. The kicker to the workout tribe members could give away one of the cards they picked up to another tribe member.  This led to a few “workout Vendettas” getting dished out and paid back as the group continued to run the circuit and pick up new cards.  Hey, who doesn’t love it when you hand them a black face card adding 10 burpees to the workout?


We want to thank everyone that continues to come out and keep our community strong.  We love and appreciate all of you.  Positivity Award today goes to our first repeat award winner.  Terry #justshowingup to with positive reinforcement just wanting to be part of the community even though he couldn’t work out because of an injury… THAT IS SOME AWESOME DEDICATION

Big Happy Birthday shout out to Victor and NPNO TRIBE LEADER WILLIAM “THE BEARD” BOOHER.  Will tried to keep it from us, but we have our sources.

MARK IT ON YOU CALENDARS: Sunday afternoon workout/social event  October 12th @ 2:30 at Coconut Beach.  More details to come.

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