Passion Project (DEN)

“Take a step out of your comfort zone and experience new things. When you’re stuck in your bubble, you’re afraid of being uncomfortable. Branch out and see what’s out there. Eventually you’ll encounter something that gets you excited.”

How many people are brand new to November Project!?! Roar goes the crowd! At November Project we pride ourselves in being a welcoming community and encourage people to Just Show Up. You have nothing to lose. Yes, you may be uncomfortable for a split second when you’re dropped into the bounce like a newborn lamb, but within that second you’ll be welcomed by a friendly hug, introduced to random strangers, and then you’ll be sweaty and smiling before you know it. Welcome.

Todays groups (5:30A and 6:15A) raced 35-minutes on the the Clover course of the Civic Center Amphitheater. Tradition states that on the last Wednesday of each month each NP tribe across the globe will race. Our PR Clover workout is just that: no frills, hardcore, body rocking, rubber burning. We were inspired by each others aggression and the sweet techno beats aligned by Bday DJ Young Joe, #raceeverything.

So our quest to #3,014 is using an alternative method. We want you to recruit your friends, neighbors, & coworkers. But we think we should all recruit TrackJenny! Learn all about Jenny Simpson and her amazing running accomplishments. She just entered her off-season in Boulder, so we thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to introduce her to our #NP5280 community and the #FreeFitness movement. #RecruitJenny5280



FRI 615AM @ Jefferson Park: Free, Hip-Hop-Anonymous Workout  (23rd and Clay) #recruitrecruitrecruit 

FRI 6PM  Run To Happy Hour @ Governor’s Park Tavern: Meet at 6PM at Governor’s Park Tavern for a 3.5 mile run around Cheesman Park. Return to Tavern at 6:40PM for Happy Hour Specials. For more info see Gociety event. #GORTHH

NFEC UT relay race: Crowdsurf with us at the Northface Endurance Challenge in Park City, Utah. Meet tribe members from across the country, including founding fathers Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric.  Lieutenant Dan has an UNBELIEVABLE discount code if you are interested. More info on the Gociety event page.


5:30AM Group Selfie
5:30AM Group Selfie
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